On Sidewalk: European Street Fashion

Urban Grassroots Influences

With a focus on promoting Urban Street Fashion, considering that mainstream fashion often appropriates street fashion trends as influences, On Sidewalk hopes to encourage highly diverse fashion grassroots movements at any given time.

Inspirational Styles

We’re always on the lookout for a mix of creativity, beauty and personality in a blend of styles, with a goal of creating a place for inspiration, documenting the work and style of self-conscious men and women by publishing daily street styles.

From the creative inspiration of urban fashion: On Sidewalk

ben thomas


Ben Thomas is a photographer and creative director focused on creating tangible, intentional imagery over a wide range of project mediums. He's been shooting over the last decade trying to perfect the art of portraits, people, fashion and more.

jon manschot


Jon Manschot approaches every subject with intent to make something fresh, while holding onto a timeless, tangible aesthetic. His disarming personality have produced amazing media, but is equally interested in telling stories on the edges and outskirts of mainstream culture.